College Directory

Official Building Names and Abbreviation in the Table Below:
George Moore Academic and Administrative Building = Moore (M for room designation)
William H. Forrence Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center = Forrence (H for room designation)
Ronald B. Stafford Center for Arts, Science and Technology = Stafford (T for room designation)
Institute for Advanced Manufacturing = IAM (A for room designation) 

Department  Profile Name/Email Title Building / Room Phone Number
President's Office   Kowal Ph.D., John  President Moore / 230M (518) 562-4100
President's Office   Villanueva, Tammy Office of the President/Board of Trustees Liason    
President's Office   Yelton, LeAnn Assistant to the President / Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Moore / 242M (518) 562-4100
Social & Behavioral Science   Sabin, Stanley Adjunct Instructor    
Tutoring Center   Pulrang, Andrew Paraprofessional Tutor    
Information Technology   Carter, Faith Systems Programmer/Analyst  Moore / 420M  
Technology   Purick, Darcy Adjunct Instructor    
Information Technology   Mousseau, Derek PC Specialist Moore / 339M  
Student Services   Borner, John Dean of Student Services Moore / 113M (518) 562-4121
Social and Behavioral Sciences   Baughman, Mary Ellen Adjunct Instructor    
Institutional Research & Planning   Ayotte, Eugene Data Analyst
Moore / 229M
(518) 562-4189
Academic Affairs   Goyette, Carey Vice President for Academic Affairs Moore / 220M  (518) 562-4110
Business   Helwanji, Fadi Adjunct Instructor    
  Wheeler, Lisa Adjunct Instructor    
Academic Affairs   Golden, Barbara Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Moore / 222M (518) 562-4110
Academic Affairs   Szalkowski, Jill Typist Moore / 512M (518) 562-4176
Academic Affairs
  Allen, Mary Lou Co-Coordinator for Higher Education for the Justice Involved
Academic Affairs   Case Ph.D., Karen Online Educational Services Coordinator
Moore / M221 (518) 562-4366
Accommodative Services   Fitzgerald, Lindsay Learning Resource Specialist in Accommodative Services Moore / 211M (518) 562-4252
Administration & Finance   Brienza-Wypyski, Sheri Controller Moore / 224M (518) 562-4131
Administration & Finance   McPherson-Burnham, Darlene Senior Accountant Moore / 103M (518) 562-4133
Administration & Finance   El Gornati, Anne Accountant
Moore / 224M
(518) 562-4130
Campus Safety   Martin, Jeff Deputy Sheriff Moore  (518) 562-4215
Alumni and College Foundation   Frederick, Steven Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Alumni Cottage
(518) 562-4103
Alumni and College Foundation
  Noble, Elaine Administrative Assistant for Institutional Advancement
Alumni Cottage
 (518) 562-4195
  Wilson, Brian Assistant Cross Country Coach
(518) 562-4231
Athletics   Bombard, Keith Cross Country Coach Forrence (518) 562-4231
  Cahoon, Kyle Head Men's Soccer Coach
(518) 562-4233
  Price, Alex Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
(518) 562-4233
  Waterbury, Christopher Women's Soccer Coach
(518) 562-4233
Admissions   Parker, Daniel Interim Admissions Advisor / Women's Basketball Coach
Moore / 115M
(518) 562-4175
(518) 562-4167
Athletics   Cragle, Madison Esports Coach
Stafford / 114T
(518) 562-4166
Athletics   Daugherty, Kevin Director of Athletics Forrence / 210H (518) 562-4234
Campus Life   Epstein, Neil Director of Campus Life/Men's Basketball Coach
Moore / 107M
(518) 562-4169
Athletics   Hastings, Andy Cross Country Coach Forrence (518) 562-4231
Athletics   Kissel, Stanley Men's Assistant Basketball Coach
(518) 562-4232
Information Technology   Pokorny, Jessie Director of Information Technology Services and  Network Administration
Moore / 233M
Information Technology   Wright, Sean PC Specialist Moore / 425M  
Buildings and Grounds   Graves, Jim Sr. Building Maintenance Worker
Moore (518) 562-4210
Buildings and Grounds   Szalkowski, Edward Director of Buildings and Grounds Moore (518) 562-4219
Buildings and Grounds   Conroy, Aidan Custodial Worker
Buildings and Grounds   Hosler, Angela Senior Custodial Worker
Moore  (518) 562-4223
Buildings and Grounds   Eric Schwartz Custodial Worker
Buildings and Grounds   Blair, Robert Building Maintenance Worker Moore
Bursar   Barcomb, Holly Bursar Moore / 127M (518) 562-4134
Bursar   Waldenmaier, Sharon Assistant Bursar
Moore / 131M
(518) 562-4132
Human Resources   Morales, Ashley Human Resources Associate Moore / 134M (518) 562-4138
Human Resources   Rizk, Paula Director of Human Resources Moore / 136M
(518) 562-4137
Business  Michael Zerrahn Profile Zerrahn, Michael Associate Professor Moore / 543M (518) 562-4174
President's Office   Simpson, Nancy Typist Moore / 132M (518) 562-4104
Community and Workforce Development   Douglass, Connor Community & Workforce Development Specialist Moore / 139M (518) 562-4143
Academic Advising and Student Support   O'Connell, Chrisa ASAP Director / Advisement Coordinator
Moore / 149M (518) 562-4128
Academic Advising and Student Support
  Cannon, Christina Student Support Services Counselor
Moore / 148M
(518) 562-4144
Academic Advising and Student Support
  Piekarski, Coreen ASAP Student Support Services Counselor
Moore / 151
(518) 562-4123
Douglas Library   Jennette, Sarah Systems and Electronic Services Librarian Moore / 204M  (518) 562-4247
Douglas Library   Figlioli, Catherine Librarian Moore / 204M (518) 562-4249
  Greenlee, Benjamin Assistant Professor
Moore / 515M
(518) 562-4389
English   Jackson, Joanna Associate Professor Moore / 517M  (518) 562-4342
Financial Aid   Drollette, Michelle Director of Financial Aid Moore/ 121M (518) 562-4126
Financial Aid   Denchick, Keri Financial Aid Advisor Moore/ 116M (518) 562-4239
Financial Aid
  Self, Gabrielle Typist
Moore / 123M
(518) 562-4125
Financial Aid
  Dixon, Hannah Financial Aid / Admissions Advisor
Moore / 123M
(518) 562-4127
History, Political Science, Economics and Geography  Tom Mandeville Profile Mandeville, Tom Professor Moore / 524M  (518) 562-4180
History, Political Science, Economics and Geography   Drennan Ph.D., Christopher Professor Moore / 534M (518) 562-4173
Humanities   Lindsey, Gina Professor Moore / 511M  (518) 562-4187
Humanities   Parmeter, Diane Adjunct Instructor    
Humanities Lee Ann Thomas Profile Thomas, Lee Ann Professor Moore / 511M  (518) 562-4150
Humanities   Burcroff, Ian Assistant Professor Stafford / 317T  (518) 562-4347
Mathematics Donna Lynch Profile Lynch, Donna Adjunct Instructor Moore / 544M  (518) 562-4150
Mathematics Angela Barnaby Profile Barnaby, Angela Professor Moore / 535M (518) 562-4271
Mathematics Maggie Courson Profile Courson, Margaret Professor Moore / 549M  (518) 562-4391
Mathematics   Hanson, Julie Professor Moore / 537M  (518) 562-4394
Nursing and Allied Health   Brandolino, Gina Assistant Professor Moore / 509M (518) 562-4163
Nursing and Allied Health   Mitchell, Catherine Associate Professor Moore / 503M (518) 562-4164
Nursing and Allied Health   Evens, Katrina Director of Nursing and Allied Health Moore / 504M (518) 562-4162
Nursing and Allied Health   Robinson, Lori Professor Moore / 508M (518) 562-4383
Nursing and Allied Health   Maille, Dawn Associate Professor Moore / 503M (518) 562-4263
Purchasing   Wyser, Jessica Purchasing Clerk Moore / 103M (518) 562-4157
Registrar   Reid, Jonathan Registrar Moore / 150M (518) 562-4122
Registrar   Ellis, Michelle Typist
Moore / 147M
(518) 562-4124
Science  Michael Lawliss Profile Lawliss, Michael Science Lab Tech Assistant/Adjunct Instructor Stafford  (518) 562-4337
Science   Dr. Lynn Fowler Profile Fowler Ph.D., Lynn Professor Stafford / 202T  (518) 562-4348
Social and Behavioral Sciences   Coughlin Ph.D., Denise Professor, Human Services Program Coordinator Moore / 533M (518) 562-4193
Social and Behavioral Sciences   Cone, Jarrod Associate Professor Moore / 531M (518) 562-4344
Student Health Office   Marland, Sandra Nurse Moore / 141M (518) 562-4129
Technology   Buffett, Scott Adjunct Instructor
  Neubrand, Nancy Advanced Manufacturing Student Support and Lab Coordinator
IAM / 103 (518) 562-4305
Technology   Lawrence, Richard Adjunct Instructor
Tutoring Center    LaDuke, Patti Learning Skills Coordinator  Moore / 216M (518) 562-4272 
Science   Cone, Christina Adjunct Instructor/ Paraprofessional Tutor    
Mathematics   Emrick, Nathan Paraprofessional Tutor    
Technology   Insley, Alexander Adjunct Instructor    
Science   Lake, Mary Adjunct Instructor/ Paraprofessional Tutor    
Criminal Justice   Riley, Kevin Adjunct Instructor    
Technology   Sorgule, Leif Adjunct Instructor    
Admissions   Brassard, Devin Director of Admissions Moore / 114M (518) 562-4172
Nursing and Allied Health   Bolster, Margaret Assistant Professor Moore / 509M (518) 562-4319
Technology   Wenzel, Paul Adjunct Instructor    
EMT   Johnson, Michael Adjunct EMT Instructor    
Science   Judware, Raymond Adjunct Instructor    
Nursing and Allied Health   Dominie, Elizabeth Adjunct Clinical Instructor    
Nursing and Allied Health   Seymour, Disa Adjunct Clinical Instructor    
Nursing and Allied Health   Therrian, Tia Adjunct Clinical Instructor    
Community Relations   Hulbert, Kelsey Assistant Director of College Relations Alumni Cottage (518) 562-4105