Operations and COVID-19

This plan has been created based on SUNY and New York State Department of Health guidelines, which focus on ensuring health and safety of our students, visitors, faculty, and staff while sustaining the delivery of quality instruction. 

CCC COVID-19 Plan for Fall 2021


SUNY requires all students to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Students should submit their COVID-19 vaccination at SUNY Vaccination Registration site (login with your Clinton email and password) or bring/send a copy of their vaccination card to the Health or Admissions office. 

Get Vaccinated!

  • Local pharmacies offer walk-in vaccinations or
  • Clinton County Health Department offers COVID-19 vaccination clinics every Thursday, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at 133 Margaret St. in Plattsburgh. Call 518-565-4848 to schedule your time.

The following safety and testing protocols will be in place, effective Aug. 23, 2021:


Campus Safety Rules 

  • All members of the College Community are required to always wear mask in all indoor public facilities and classrooms of the college.

  • Please practice social distancing and sanitize your hands frequently.

  • Please remain home if you are not feeling well, have a fever over 100 or believe you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

  • The Clinton County Health Department is an excellent resource for questions regarding COVID-19 vaccine availability and protocol if you have been exposed to the virus.

  • All faculty and staff are encouraged to provide documentation of their COVID-19 vaccine to the Human Resource Office.

  • Students are required to provide documentation of the COVID-19 vaccine to the College Health Office at sandra.marland@clinton.edu. Students are mandated by SUNY to be vaccinated by Sept. 27, 2021. Students unvaccinated due to religious or medical reasons must submit the COVID-19 Religious Exemption Form or COVID-19 Medical Exemption Form to the Health Office (Moore 141M) or sandra.marland@clinton.edu.

  • For questions, concerns regarding these protocols or for assistance, please contact the Campus Safety Officers at (518)593-0777 or John Borner, Dean of Student Affairs at (518) 562-4121 or email at john.borner@clinton.edu.


All currently unvaccinated students/faculty/staff who come to campus for classes, meetings, and work are required to participate in weekly COVID-19 Pooled Testing on Wednesdays, 1 -3 PM or Thursdays, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM in Stafford building. Vaccinated students/faculty/staff are required to participate in the COVID-19 testing once a month.

Those new to pool testing must register at https://www.suny-covid-test.com and create an account (you can type the word "NONE" in the insurance and student ID fields - just be sure to bring a driver's license or college ID). 

At testing, log in at www.suny-covid-test.com and present your mobile device (phone or tablet) to the greeter upon arrival each time you test. There will be laptops available to log in at the testing table.


No teeth brushing and/or mouthwash within three (3) hours prior to test
No eating or drinking (includes chewing gum, mints or lozenges) 30 minutes prior to test
No smoking/vaping/use of smokeless tobacco products 30 minutes prior to test

SUNY, Clinton County Health Department and Clinton CC retain the discretion to pause/cancel campus activities in response to increased transmission of COVID-19. Faculty, staff and students will be notified via the Clinton CC website and other communication (media) channels as conditions are identified.

We appreciate your patience and wish everyone the very best for the fall semester!