New Students (Degree Seeking)

Apply for Admission

New Students (Degree Seeking): There are several ways to apply:



  • Apply using the SUNY APC application. This application will cost you $50.00. You can get this application at your high school's Guidance Office. If you are applying to more than one SUNY campus, you may want to use this application as you can apply to 4 separate SUNY colleges using one form. If you use the SUNY Application, it will first be sent to the Application Processing Center in Albany and the Admissions Office will be notified of your interest approximately three weeks after it is received by the Application Processing Center. If you are still enrolled in high school, you should bring the completed application to your high school guidance counselor. The Guidance Office will attach your transcript and mail the application to the SUNY Application Processing Center.

Please Note for Readmission: As a student who was accepted and previously attended as a matriculated student, please DO NOT complete another application for Admission. Read more about the simple steps to prepare to return as a student to Clinton by visiting our Readmission page. To initiate your interest in returning to Clinton complete this Readmission Interest Form to help you prepare to register for classes in a future semester.

Non-Matriculated Students do not complete an application for admission, please contact the Registrar's Office for registration instructions.