Current CAP Students for CCC Admission

If you are taking college classes in your high school through Clinton’s College Advancement Program (CAP) and are interested in applying for admission to CCC, you will need to fill out the New Student Application. This is similar to the application you filled out when you took your first CAP course. Follow the steps below. Note that you will need your Social Security Number to complete the application. 

  1. Go to the online application at

  2. Choose Create An Account.

  3. Fill in your name and email address. Answer "No" to the question "Are you applying to take College Advancement Program (CAP) courses in your high school?" 

  4. Create a username and password. These should be different than the username and password you used when you submitted your CAP application. (Note: This is separate from your Student Portal login credentials; those will not change unless you reset your password.)

  5. After you enter the CAPTCHA verification code, click on Create an Account. This will take you to the Application Portal. 

  6. Click on the link on the left called "Application Information"

  7. Complete the Application Status, Demographics, Residency Status, Military Service, Home Address, and Education Information sections. 

  8.  Answer the seven Additional Questions, check the Acknowledgement statement, and hit Submit Application

  9. You should receive an email from an Admissions counselor within a week of submitting your application informing you of your next steps. If you have any questions about the status of your application, please call the Admissions Office at (518) 562-4170. 
CAP Pathways Scholarship Opportunity

CAP students who graduate from high school between June 2023 and June 2024 and have earned a grade of C or better in all CAP courses may be eligible for the Pathways Scholarship.

Qualifications to receive the CAP Pathway Scholarship include:

  • Students must have completed three (3) or more CAP credits with a minimum grade of C or better for each CAP course.
  • Students must be within one (1) year from their high school graduation date and working towards their first degree.
  • Students must have a current FAFSA and NYS TAP application on file with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Students must be enrolled at CCC for a minimum of 6 credits per semester.
  • Students must earn a minimum semester GPA of 2.0 while enrolled at CCC to maintain scholarship funding for the subsequent semester. 

To be considered for the CAP Pathways Scholarship, students need only to submit the free application to attend Clinton Community College. There is not an additional application for the CAP Pathways Scholarship. Students who have submitted an application to attend CCC and have met the first two requirements listed above will receive an email informing them that they preliminarily qualify for the Pathways scholarship and indicating the next steps to take.

For additional information about the CAP Pathways Scholarship, please contact Maggie Courson, Early College Pathways Coordinator, at

Moore Bldg., 5th floor
Room 549M
Phone: 518-562-4391


Maggie Courson
Early College Pathways Coordinator