Maintaining Your Visa

Here is an overview of U.S. federal rules and regulations that apply to all international students
to maintain their F-1 VISA. We encourage international students to seek further guidance and assistance from your PDSO, Admissions regarding the required immigration processes and procedures. Please note that these same rules and regulations also apply to Canadian students.

Common U.S. Immigration Rules and Regulations - F-1 Status

  1. International students (F-1) must enroll in and complete 12 or more credits in Fall and Spring terms or have permission from their International Student Advisor before they officially drop below full time

  2. International students (F-1) must have permission from the International Student Advisor before an official withdrawal or a leave from Clinton Community College for medical or personal reasons.

  3. International students (F-1) must have prior permission from the International Student Advisor to participate in required or recommended internships, field work, practicum, and alternative work/study agreements for their majors. These opportunities could be paid, unpaid, for credit, or not for credit. The internship/field work/practicum could be whole course for credit, part of a course for credit, or piece of the curriculum that a student opts to do for training in his or her field. For F-1 students, this training is referred to as Curricular Practical Training, or CPT. If the student does not obtain prior authorization, the student is in direct violation of status. A violation of status leads to status termination for the student.

  4. International students (F-1) must have permission from the International Student Advisor to accept on-campus employment for each semester.

  5. Before an international student travels either inside or outside the U.S. for any reason, they should consult with the International Student Advisor.

  6. International students must have prior authorization from the International Student Advisor to extend the amount of time in which they must complete their program. Students should be encouraged to look at the program end dates on their Form I-20s to make sure that they have enough time to finish their degrees.

  7. International students must carry health insurance for the entire length of their program of study. Please have them contact my office if there are any questions or concerns about health insurance.

If an F-1 student does not follow the rules of status, the student is in violation of status. If a student violates his or her status, the Designated School Official (F-1) for Clinton Community College is required by federal regulations to terminate the student's SEVIS record. Termination of a student's SEVIS record has severe consequences for the student's academic life in the United States.

Our goal for sharing this information is to assist international students and help prevent them from falling out of status which may lead to termination of their studies.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact call 562-4171 or