Institutional Learning Outcomes

Clinton Community College is committed to providing students with opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, and awareness that will prepare them to be successful in further education and careers. To this end, the College has identified eight Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) that are embedded in the learning experiences of all CCC degree program graduates.

  1. Written Communication: Students will demonstrate organized, developed, and coherent writing skills that adapt to the needs of the discipline and to the rhetorical situation.

  2. Oral Communication: Students will demonstrate effective spoken communication by presenting ideas clearly and concisely with regard to subject, audience, and purpose.

  3. Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning: Students will demonstrate the ability to apply logical thinking to solve quantitative problems and understand natural phenomena.

  4. Aesthetic Appreciation: Students will develop an appreciation for arts, literature, design, and the creative process.

  5. Technological Competence: Students will use appropriate technologies to effectively research, communicate, analyze, and apply information.

  6.  Information Literacy: Students will obtain, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources.

  7. Global Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity: Students will develop an awareness of and respect for the diverse perspectives among individuals and cultures within a global society.

  8.  Personal Development: Students will develop individual and social responsibilities through healthy lifestyle choices, ethical behavior, civic engagement, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Student achievement of ILOs is assessed on a regular basis within courses and programs, and the results are used to improve the learning experience.