General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment

Why We Assess General Education Learning Outcomes

Student learning across courses is assessed to help us to understand how Clinton students are collectively achieving the general education learning outcomes. The data collected are used to improve learning within courses (or across multi-section courses) and to help identify strengths and weakness of the overall general education program. 

General Education Assessment Plan

In accordance with the guidelines set by the State University of New York, Clinton Community College has developed a comprehensive plan for assessing general education student learning outcomes. Outcomes from each of the ten knowledge and skill areas and the two competencies are assessed following a three-year cycle. CCC's General Education Assessment Plan (pdf) embraces a course-embedded approach to assessment, as these assessments are most closely aligned with teaching and learning. Student learning is measured directly using a post-test methodology that employs the use of test questions, portfolios, demonstrations, papers, and projects. Assessment measures are selected specifically to address the SUNY learning outcomes articulated in the SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER). Guidance for faculty members assessing a general education course is provided in the General Education Assessment Handbook (pdf)


Cycle 8 General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Schedule (2023-2026)

Year of Scheduled Assessment 
General Education Area
2023-2024 Communication (Oral and Written)
Information Literacy
US History and Civic Engagement
World Languages
2024-2025 Critical Thinking and Reasoning
Diversity: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
Social Sciences
 2025-2026 Mathematics (and Quantitative Reasoning)
Natural Sciences (and Scientific Reasoning)
The Arts
World History and Global Awareness