Updates and Progress

SUNY has approved a plan for a new Clinton Community College location at Redcay Hall and 133 Court Street.  This gives the college a certain and identifiable home place.

With the identification of space, work this summer and beyond will center on aspects of moving and associated needs. This includes some needs for shared spaces for labs and other arrangements.

A space consultant retained by the State University Construction Fund will assist Clinton Community College in determining how a layout of offices and functions may work in the new area. This will also happen over the summer and beyond, along with the development of a memorandum of understanding between the institutions.

An initial review of relocation options examined Algonquin Dining Hall and nearby residence halls on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. This option was set aside as it spread Clinton classes in many more areas across the SUNY Plattsburgh campus and would have required extensive construction costs and timelines that were less feasible. The path also has the potential to dilute Clinton's own identity and touched on SUNY Plattsburgh's non-negotiables of always protecting their campus and ensuring its continued success academically, financially and regionally.

Thoughts, ideas and concerns raised in two open community Zoom sessions were listed, categorized and shared. These will be further reviewed and inform next steps. 

Information technology areas successfully tested initial data transfers of student information, a step to facilitate shared aspects. Functions from parking and computer use to library access and ID cards stem from this work.

Student information and databases will remain in separate systems with the planned relocation, a decision reached after conversations that included SUNY IT principals and technology leaders at each institution. Pathways for the systems to tap data to enable any shared services will need to be developed and will be the focus of coming tech-related work.