Nursing Admissions

Nursing Program Application

Fall 2024 Nursing Program Application

is open until June 30, 2024

Requirements for Nursing admission.
All materials must be submitted within the application period for consideration of entry into the new Fall class.

Please note, that in addition to the application below, you must complete the CCC application or the SUNY application for admission. An official copy of your high school transcript is required. A GED will be accepted in lieu of a high school transcript. If you have attended other colleges or received credit from other colleges, including CAP credit, you must have official academic transcripts sent from each of those institutions.

Include any previous names used.
Include a phone number where we can reach you.
Include an active email address where we can contact you.
Select your birth date.
Please list information concerning high school or other secondary schools attended. Include name of school, location of school, date of entrance and exit, and diploma/degree received.
Please list below information concerning ALL colleges, universities, or other post-secondary schools attended. Please include name of school, location of school, date of entrance and exit, and diploma/degree received.
If any previous college program was not completed, indicate a reason why.

Applicants who have attended another school of Nursing, RN or LPN, and left prior to completion, must request a letter from the Nursing Program Director be sent to the Nursing Program Director of Clinton Community College indicating the circumstances under which the student withdrew.

Describe any additional educational, travel, and/or community service experience.
Describe any previous health-related work experience. Include dates of service.
Please respond with an account of (1) your experiences and activities since you last attended school, if more than six months have elapsed, (2) all the things you have accomplished that have given you the greatest satisfaction, (3) what you most enjoy doing in your leisure time, (4) your reasons for selecting nursing as a career, (5) any special reasons for desiring to enter this school, and (6) your plans and aspirations for the future. Include any data or facts relative to your application which you feel are important and which may not have been covered elsewhere.


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Devin Brassard
Director of Admissions

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Interim Admissions Advisor

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Student Enrollment Specialist