LPN to RN Application

Please note, that in addition to the application below, you must complete the CCC application or the SUNY application for admission. An official copy of your high school transcript is required. A GED will be accepted in lieu of a high school transcript. If you have attended other colleges or received credit from other colleges, including CAP credit, you must have official academic transcripts sent from each of those institutions.

Application period is open from June 15-August 31. Applications will be reviewed after September 1 for the Spring semester start.

Applicants who have attended another school of Nursing, RN or LPN, and left prior to completion, must request a letter from the Nursing Program Director be sent to the Nursing Program Director of Clinton Community College indicating the circumstances under which the student withdrew.

Please describe (1) your experiences and activities since you last attended school, if more than six months elapsed; (2) all the things you have accomplished that have given you the greatest satisfaction; (3) your reasons for desiring to become an RN and to enter this school; (4) your plans to be successful in the RN program; and (5) your aspirations for the future.