Bursar FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I receive my bill?

Your bill is only available through the Student Portal

The instructions for my bill say that my classes will be canceled if my bill is not complete by the due date. How do I know if my bill is complete?

Your bill is complete if the following THREE steps are done:

  • Certificate of Residence must be "Complete" or "Not Required" (See Document Tracking in the Student Portal)
  • SFA Authorization must be "Complete" or "Not Required" (See Document Tracking in the Student Portal)
  • Balance Due must be -0- or have a credit (cr) balance.

Why do I need a Certificate of Residence and where do I get one?

If you reside in New York State a Certificate of Residence is required for you to receive in-state tuition. If a Certificate is not submitted to the Bursar's office your bill will be considered incomplete or you will be charged non-resident tuition. A Certificate of Residence is obtained from the Treasurer or Fiscal Officer of your home county and must be issued within 60 days of the start of your semester. It is required every academic year and it is valid for one year. Complete instructions, by county, can be found at Certificate of Residence.

Why do I need a SFA Authorization form?

The student financial authorization is required by all students. It is

  1. An acknowledgment of your financial commitment to the college and
  2. An authorization to apply financial assistance to your CCC charges if you are a recipient of Federal or State Aid.

It is kept on file permanently unless you choose to rescind it at a later date. Download the form. After completion it may be faxed to the Bursar's office at 518 562-4367.

If I'm not able to pay my bill in full, what are my options?

We offer a payment plan which will allow you to pay your bill in installments. There is a $40 fee required to do the plan which will be included in the first payment. If you are registering for a term that is a full semester your bill can be paid in four installments, the first one being the due date of the bill. If you are registering for a term that is less than a full semester (i.e. Summer) the payment plan will be adjusted accordingly. Refer to Payment Plan Installments  for an example of payments. Please contact the Bursar's office at 518 562-4135 for details or to request a payment plan.

If my bill is paid entirely with financial aid, is there anything else I need to do?

Yes, you must make sure your Certificate of Residence and SFA Authorization are Complete (see above). These forms are an important part of the registration process and must be on file each academic year.

If I withdraw from school, how will it affect my bill?

If you withdraw from school your bill will be credited according to the following refund schedule:Refund Policies

If you have used financial aid toward your bill, the college must recalculate the amount of financial aid you have earned. This is determined by Federal regulations and the laws governing a Title IV return. If you are not entitled to all of the financial aid processed on your bill you may owe a balance to Clinton Community College or to the Federal Government. The following information will summarize the treatment of your financial aid if you withdraw and how you may be affected:Title IV Withdrawal Information

The Bursar's office staff is also available to assist you in determining consequences of your withdrawal as it pertains to your bill.

Where and when do I get my financial aid refund?

You may pick up your refund check at the Bursar's office on the first floor of the Moore building Monday through Thursday 8:00 - 4:30 and Friday 8:00-4:00. Photo I.D. is required.