Loans and Other Funding

There are loans and funding available for both credit students - those who pursue a degree, and non-credit students  who register for trainings or professional development courses. 

Subsidized & Unsubsidized Student Loans

The Department of Ed issues low interest loans to students who are eligible.  Financial need is determined by first filing the FAFSA @ as early as every Oct.1.

Learn the ins & outs of loan rates, programs, etc.

Complete a FAFSA FIRST:

  1. Student accepts loan amount in CCC Student Portal.  
  2. Student completes billing steps in Student Portal by clicking "Billing".


Complete a FAFSA FIRST:

  1. Student accepts loan amount in CCC Student Portal (if you need a loan offer, contact aid office)
  2. Student completes billing steps in Student Portal by clicking "Billing".

Go to 

Sign in w/ your FSA ID

  2. Complete the Entrance Counseling
  3. Complete Master Promissory Note

Go to 

Provides important information preparing you to repay federal student loans or PLUS loans.  Exit counseling is necessary each time you drop below 1/2 time enrollment, graduate, or leave school.

Federal Direct Parent Loan

Parent Loan (PLUS) : What is it?

Parent PLUS Application : Apply here.  Parent logs in!

First Name Middle Initial Last Name
Where can we reach you at easily? INCLUDE AREA CODE
NON School email address
What semester do you need a loan for?




Public Service Loan Forgiveness was created in order to aid borrowers who pursued a public service career. 

Contact CCC Financial Aid if we can help.

The Sallie Mae Smart Option private student loan is now available as a financing option for any persons enrolled in training through Community and Workforce Development/Non-credit courses and certificates.  This option is an alternative to paying out-of-pocket for trainings and professional development education.

Apply directly at  All terms and conditions of the loan will be determined at the time student applies.

Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) starts with the presumption that all individuals with disabilities can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services and should have opportunities to work in jobs integrated within their communities.  Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors guide individuals through service programs they need to reach their employment goal.

Please visit for details.

The OneWorkSource Centers offer funding for career related education for eligible people. Anyone looking for ways to upgrade their career can utilize their free services. Special funding is available for laid off workers.

Contact OneWorkSource at 518-561-0430 ext. 3031 

 *Alternative loans are to be used as a last resort, after exhausting all federal and state financial aid and federal loans.  Be sure to compare interest rates and terms of each loan before you choose a lender.