Requesting Services

How do I request services?

A copy of your documentation can be brought to the Learning Resource Specialist in Rm. 211 Moore, or you can send them to:

Lindsay Fitzgerald
Clinton Community College
136 Clinton Point Drive
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

It is recommended that you meet with Lindsay prior to or at the beginning of each semester to review your documentation and to discuss which accommodations would be most appropriate for your courses. Students are provided with a sheet to present to their instructors. The sheet does not specify what disability a student has; it only informs the instructors about the type of accommodations a student should receive.

A handbook giving specific information about college policies and procedures will be given to new students when they meet with Learning Resource Specialist to arrange accommodations. It can also be obtained by request at the address listed above.

The college/faculty are under no obligation to provide services to students who do not follow college policies and procedures.