Online Learning

What Is Online Learning?

 When you take a class online, you connect with the professor and the other students through the Internet. You write papers, complete homework assignments, ask and answer questions, take tests, and participate in discussions from home on your computer.

Online courses have the same content and standards as on-campus courses. The high quality of teaching and learning online is the same as on-campus courses.  CCC also provides Student Services online, through email, or on the phone.

Some good reasons to take courses online:

  • You live a long distance from campus.
  • You work during the day or your work schedule changes.
  • You have children that keep you at home.
  • You are a  highly motivated student who wants to try something new.
  • Your employer is encouraging you to complete professional development at work.
  • Taking Online Courses Saves Money!!!

Hundreds of students have benefited from Online Learning at CCC every semester since year 2000.  Our online faculty are well-trained in adult learning theories and deliver well-designed courses to enhance the learning of our diverse student population.