Honors Benefits

Honors scholars at Clinton Community College benefit from unique educational and enrichment experiences. In addition, Honors scholars have privileges and opportunities made available to help them accomplish their academic and personal growth goals.

Innovative Honors Coursework Taught by Exceptional Faculty
Honors courses place an emphasis on meaningful class discussions, student led activities, presentations, and field trips, rather than lectures.  Students should expect to be challenged, but honors coursework is different, not necessarily more difficult.

Priority Course Registration and Honors Advisor
To allow for the scheduling of honors coursework, Honors scholars are allowed to register for classes during the priority registration period.  Honors scholars are assigned an Honors advisor to help guide them through their program of study, Honors Program requirements, and honors related opportunities. 

Special Parking Privileges
Honors scholars are allowed to park in student parking areas and in spots reserved for         students in the program.

Access to the Honors Scholar Lounge and Membership into the Honors Scholar Association
Honors scholars have access to their own meeting, working, and lounge area.  They are also members of a student led group, which plans enrichment and social activities.

Exclusive Library Privileges
Honors scholars are allowed to borrow books for an entire semester, rather than being limited to three weeks.  In addition, Honors scholars can have TI graphing calculators reserved for them via the loan program.

Recognition on Transcript, Diploma and at Commencement
Honors scholars who meet the program requirements for satisfactory completion will have the appropriate level of distinction prominently displayed on their official transcript.  In addition, these Honors scholars will be recognized at commencement and will have an Honors Program designation included on their diploma.