Mechanical Technology Certificate

The Certificate in Mechanical Technology is designed for individuals who are looking to advance their careers in their current positions or in positions with a new company. Students completing the certificate will have obtained college-level reading, writing, math and computer application skills. Core courses will give students a background in the key mechanical and electrical technologies that will be beneficial to them in positions in manufacturing or related fields. These courses include Introduction to Engineering Technology, Blueprint Reading and Technical Schematics, Fluid Power, Manufacturing Processes, Industrial Health and Safety, Electrical Circuits I and Industrial Electricity. For college-ready individuals, the certificate could be completed in two semesters. 

The mission of the Mechanical Technology A.A.S. degree program is to prepare students for employment in various industrial manufacturing or maintenance areas and/or for the pursuit of advanced degrees in industrial engineering by educating them in communication skills, computer literacy, mathematics, science, as well as appropriate technical courses. The primary focus of the program is to prepare students to work as technicians.

The Mechanical Technology A.A.S. program will:

  • Prepare students to gain knowledge and practical competence in the major areas of the Industrial Technology field allowing for a wide variety of career opportunities.
  • Prepare students to use prints and schematics to understand, communicate, and troubleshoot complex industrial control circuits.
  • Prepare students to gain knowledge of industrial safety practices.
  • Prepare students to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, as well as interact effectively within the work environment.
  • Prepare students to solve mathematical problems typically encountered in industry.

Discipline Category Requirements

Minimum Degree Requirements (31 credits)
Effective Fall 2018
English (3 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition
Math (4 Credits)
MAT 105 Technical Mathematics I


Info. Management (3 Credits) 
CSC 102 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
Mechanical Technology (14 Credits)
MEC 100 Introduction to Engineering Technology
MEC 102 Blueprint Reading & Technical Schematics
MEC 204 Manufacturing Processes
MEC 206 Principles of Fluid Power Systems
MEC 209 Industrial Health & Safety
--------> MEC Elective (2 credits)
Electrical/Electronics Technology (7 Credits)
ETE 101 Electrical Circuits I
ETE 202 Introduction to Industrial Electricity

Degree Requirements Worksheets

The Mechanical Technology Certificate provides a pathway for individual in the workforce to upskill for their current positions or obtain a position at a new company. 

Some graduates of the program continue on to earn an Associates in Mechanical Technology.

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