Individual Studies A.A.S.

The Individual Studies degree option provides students with the flexibility to develop their own course of study. Course concentration is divided mainly among the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Math/Science disciplines, with a large number of electives completing the curriculum. Sixty credits are required for the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Individual Studies degree. This program can be pursued by students who need flexibility to explore educational options that reflect their unique interests and career goals or by adult learners who wish to develop a personally planned course of study, approved by the College, which incorporates previous academic and work experiences. The A.A.S. degree in Individual Studies is designed primarily to lead individuals directly to employment in a specific career, but it also prepares students with the foundation needed for transfer to many baccalaureate programs. Admission to the Individual Studies Program is selective. Students who would like to pursue this degree must complete the Individual Studies Degree Application.

The mission of the Individual Studies program is to provide unique educational opportunities that allow students to pursue coursework that meets their academic and career goals. The Individual Studies A.A.S. program prepares students for entry-level employment in their field of interest and provides the basis for further education in related disciplines.

 Graduates of the Individual Studies A.A.S. program will be able to:
  • Demonstrate organized, developed, and coherent writing skills that adapt to the needs of the discipline and rhetorical situation.
  • Demonstrate effective spoken communication by presenting ideas clearly and concisely with regard to subject, audience, and purpose.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply logical thinking to solve quantitative problems and understand natural phenomena.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate technologies to effectively research, communicate, analyze, and apply information.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the development of the distinctive features of the history, institutions, economy, culture, etc. of American society, Western civilization, or a non-Western civilization
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the conventions and methods of at least one discipline in the Humanities (e.g. arts, language, literature, philosophy)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the methods and major theories of at least one discipline in the social sciences (e.g. anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, sociology)

Discipline Category Descriptions

Minimum Degree Requirements (60 credits)
Effective Fall 2024
English (6 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 102 Literature & Composition
Humanities or Social Science (6 Credits)
COM 101 Public Speaking
--------> Humanities or Social Science elective
Math (3 Credits)
--------> Mathematics Gen. Ed. Course

Science (4 Credits)
--------> Natural Sciences Gen. Ed. Course


Liberal Arts Elective (3 Credits) 
--------> Any liberal arts course


Free Electives (38 Credits) 
--------> Any courses that receive college credit,
as per advisement

All students in this degree program must complete 20 credits of General Education coursework in a minimum of 4 of 10 SUNY General Education Knowledge and Skills Areas to include Communication, Diversity, Mathematics, and Natural Science.    

Degree Requirements Worksheets

Students who earn an Individual Studies A.A.S. degree are prepared for entry-level work in a variety of career fields, based on the student's focus of study.

Graduates of the program have found employment in the area of their personally planned course of study and can be found working in a variety of career fields including local businesses, area hospitals, and human service agencies.


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