Environmental Science A.S.

Students will develop a strong foundation in the sciences with courses in environmental science, ecology, geology, biology and chemistry. Specialized courses in environmental science technology and environmental issues emphasize scientific project management skills and career pathways for environmental scientists. In addition to meeting other basic General Education requirements typical of the first two years of a B.S. degree, specialized environmental coursework will provide students with a skill set useful in the pursuit of their future employment in environmental engineering and remediation, resource management, or wastewater/drinking water treatment industries.

The mission of the Environmental Science A.S. degree program is to prepare students for transfer into a 4-year Environmental Science B.S. program with an appropriate mix of general education and specialized coursework in the natural sciences.

The program will prepare Environmental Science majors:

  • To problem-solve
  • To accurately collect and record data in field and laboratory settings
  • To demonstrate computer literacy
  • To apply various sampling and data collection techniques to environmental media, including soils and water
  • To use publicly-available resources necessary for environmental site investigation and management.

Discipline Category Descriptions

Minimum Degree Requirements (60 credits)
Effective Fall 2021
English (6 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 102 Literature & Composition
Social Science (3 Credits)
--------> Social Science Gen. Ed. Course
History or Humanities (6 Credits)

Two courses from two different areas:
American History, Other World Civilizations,
Western Civilization, The Arts, or
Foreign Language Gen. Ed. Course


Math (7 Credits)
MAT 161 Elementary Statistics
MAT 204
MAT 224
College Algebra w/ Trigonometry II  or
Calculus I 


Science (24 Credits) 
BIO 101 General Biology I
BIO 102 General Biology II
BIO 206 Ecology
CHE 111 General Chemistry I
CHE 112 General Chemistry II
GEL 101 Physical Geology
Environmental Science & Technology (9 Credits)
ENV 101 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENV 210 Environmental Technology
ENV 220 Seminar in Environmental Issues
Info. Management (4 Credits) 
SCI 110 Fundamental Skills in Science
CSC 102 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
Health & P.E. (1 Credit) 
--------> HPE elective

Degree Requirements Worksheets

Graduates of the Environmental Science A.S. degree program are prepared to transfer into a bachelor's degree program in Environmental Science.


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