Criminal Justice A.A.

The Criminal Justice A.A. Degree Program is a comprehensive curriculum dealing with the broad field of criminal justice. Students will complete a course of study that gives them a strong foundation of knowledge about crime, crime causation and criminal justice institutions. Students will also take course in the various disciplines that make up the overall category of liberal arts: humanities, social sciences, mathematics and science.

The mission of the Criminal Justice A.A. Degree Program is to provide criminal justice majors with a broad-based educational experience that provides a core of general education and prepares them for transfer into criminal justice baccalaureate programs.

The Criminal Justice A.A. program will:

  • Assist students to develop a thorough understanding of the components of the criminal justice system and how they interact with each other.
  • Prepare students to apply analytical skills and substantive knowledge to specific criminal justice problems.
  • Prepare students to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Prepare students for transfer to a four-year program in criminal justice or a related field.

Discipline Category Descriptions

Minimum Degree Requirements (60 credits)
Effective Fall 2023
English (6 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 102 Literature & Composition
Humanities (6 Credits)
COM 101 Public Speaking

The Arts or World Languages Gen. Ed. Course
Criminal Justice (15 Credits)
CRI 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRI 201 Criminal Law
CRI 208 Corrections: Theory & Practice
CRI 207
CRI 210
Criminal Investigations  or
Police Operations
CRI 214 Ethics in Criminal Justice


College Success (3 Credits) 
FCS 101 Foundations for College Success


Social Science (6 Credits) 
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
History (6 Credits)
--------> US History Gen. Ed. Course
--------> US History or World History Gen. Ed. Course
Math (3 Credits)
--------> Mathematics Gen. Ed. Course
Science (4 Credits) 
--------> Natural Sciences Gen. Ed. Course
Free Electives (11 Credits) 
--------> Liberal Arts Electives (6 credits)
--------> Any course that receives college credit

Degree Requirements Worksheets

Students who earn a Criminal Justice A.A. degree are prepared to transfer into a bachelor's degree program in criminal justice or a related field.

Graduates of the program may transfer seamlessly into related programs at our partner institutions, SUNY Canton (Law Enforcement Leadership) and SUNY Plattsburgh (Criminal Justice).



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