Applied Psychology A.S.

Earning an A.S. in Applied Psychology provides a considerable advantage to those who are looking to secure employment in personal and home health care. Students who complete the program will have extensive knowledge in the liberal arts as well as areas that focus on the application of learning and behavior to enhance the lives of children and adults who are struggling with behavioral and/or developmental disabilities.

Students at Clinton Community College who earn an A.S. degree in Applied Psychology will have met the seamless transfer requirements to transfer into a SUNY four-year college or university as a rising junior as a psychology major. Clinton's offerings will include developmental, social, and abnormal psychology, plus applied behavior analysis. In addition, courses in humanities, writing, natural sciences, and statistics will improve critical thinking and communication skills. Additionally, students enrolled in the Applied Psychology Degree Program are guaranteed to complete no less than the 7/10 and 38 credits of general education, 12 credits of SUNY Transfer Path-approved psychology courses, and 9 credits of truly free electives as the Liberal Arts and General Education requirements will have been met.

Graduates of the Applied Psychology A.S. degree program will be able to:

  • Evaluate arguments with regard to psychological questions.
  • Write using APA style to effectively communicate psychological information.
  • Describe the psychological perspective on the human condition in a cultural context.
  • Discuss psychological questions demonstrating diversity awareness and a global world view.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply psychological principles to other disciplines.
  • Compare and contrast the major areas and theories in psychology.

Discipline Category Descriptions

Minimum Degree Requirements (62 credits)
Effective Fall 2023
English (6 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 102 Literature & Composition
Humanities (9 Credits)
--------> World Languages Gen. Ed. Course
--------> The Arts Gen. Ed. Course
COM 101 Public Speaking
History (3 Credits)
--------> US History or World History Gen. Ed. Course


Social Science (21 Credits)
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 230 Human Development
PSY 240 Social Psychology
PSY 250 Applied Psychology
PSY 280 Abnormal Psychology
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
--------> Social Science elective


Math (6 Credits)
--------> Any MAT course above 100
MAT 161 Elementary Statistics
Science (8 Credits) 
BIO 100 Human Biology
--------> Any 4-credit natural science course with a lab
Free Electives (9 Credits)
--------> Any courses that receive college credit

Degree Requirements Worksheets

Students who earn an Applied Psychology A.S. degree are prepared to transfer into a bachelor's degree program in Applied Psychology or Psychology. 

Graduates of CCC's program may transfer seamlessly into the programs at our partner institutions: SUNY Canton (Applied Psychology) and SUNY Plattsburgh (Psychology).


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