Strategic Plan


The mission of Clinton Community College is to provide educational opportunities that enrich minds, strengthen the economy and improve the quality of life in our region.


As a result of our efforts in Clinton County and the North Country, Individuals will be prepared to meet the challenges of a global society, our economy will thrive and the people in our region will enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Core Values:

  • Access and success
  • Students
  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

Strategic Goal:

Increase Access to Postsecondary Education in Our Region

Community colleges provide the broadest access to higher education. In a knowledge-based, global economy, the value of a college education is greater than ever. CCC recognizes its critical role in helping people further their education in order to fully participate in that economy.

Strategic Goal:

Increase Retention and Success to Help Our Students and the People of Our Region Reach Their Full Potential

Recognizing the value of a college education to the individual and to the community, CCC is committed to providing high quality academic and student support services that promote student success and program completion.

Strategic Goal:

Promote a Culture of Scholarship and Learning

Education is critically important to both student and community development. CCC provides an environment that stimulates learning and celebrates academic achievement.

Strategic Goal:

Create a Culture that Embraces Internationalism and Diversity as Essential to the Economy and the Quality of Life of Our Region

Clinton County is rich with international businesses, representative of a global economy and a diverse nation. CCC provides an environment in which internationalism and diversity are integral to the educational process.

Strategic Goal:

Create a Comprehensive Professional Development Program in Support of Institutional Effectiveness

An effective college is built upon a high-quality faculty and staff. CCC provides its faculty and staff with ongoing opportunities to be leaders in their fields.

Strategic Goal:

Develop an Improved Campus Infrastructure that Supports Student Access & Success

Students are best prepared when they learn in a modern environment with current technology. CCC engages in long-term planning and continuous improvement to provide the most contemporary learning environment possible.

Strategic Goal:

Develop a Brand Identity that Distinguishes Us and Reflects Our Commitment to a Brighter Future

A consistent and authentic brand is the expression of a college's identity. CCC is recognized for its lasting contributions to the community.

Institutional Research & Planning

Moore Bldg., 2nd Floor
Room 220M
Phone: 518-562-4110

Dr. John Kowal
Vice President for Academic Affairs