Academic and Student Affairs Program Assessment

In April 2009, Clinton Community College adopted a campus-wide, comprehensive plan for a seven year cycle for program assessment. In 2016, the College approved transition to a Five Year Cycle for Program Assessment (pdf).This cycle requires full program reviews for all academic programs every five years, with annual progress updates required in year two through five.

Academic Program Assessment Cycle schematic depicts this assessment process and its tie into strategic planning and budgeting.

The Faculty Council Assessment Committee, in conjunction with the Vice President of Academic Affairs works closely with the reviewing departments to guide the process and provide detailed feedback. The review culminates with a visit by an external team and a report with their recommendations provided to the appropriate Vice President. These results are then incorporated into annual department plans and used to guide recommendations toward resource-based decisions at the Strategic Planning Committee and President's Council levels.

Institutional Research & Planning

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Dr. John Kowal
Vice President for Academic Affairs